Churros con chocolate

Hola Amigos!!!

I arrived in Malaga, Spain, safe and sound, and so happy to be done with being on a plane\airport. I managed to snag an entire 3-seat row on our 7hour flight to Malaga which was amazing. Wasn’t able to sleep (what a surprise) but became friends with a few of the flight attendants so it wasn’t ultra terrible.

First taste of Spain has been really great, our apartment has a spacious terrace and everything we need (except it only has 1 bedroom and my dad snores 10x louder than a regular person)! The city of Malaga is beautiful: tons of crazy old buildings\ruins and right on the Mediterranean. Food is good, although finding meatless food is somewhat challenging. Best so far? Churros (a spanish doughnut) dipped in hot chocolate, holy yummy. Weather is fabulous, around 20 degrees and sunny. It seems every person living in Malaga is fit, tons of people were running by the ocean yesterday and rarely do you see a fat person that isn’t a tourist. Only downside is that they ALL smoke, ALL the time. They also look good\fashionable all the time and are soooo relaxed. Everyone sits down for coffee, the North American way of going into a Starbucks for a coffee (which we often take to go) does not exist, nor have I even seen a Starbucks.

We are going to Ronda tomorrow, a 2h30mins bus ride away to explore the little white houses that sit on crazy high cliffs.

Hope everyone is doing well!!!!



Churros con chocolate (ie. heaven). The lady looked at me funny when I answered “solo uno” when she asked me how many I wanted, after finishing my one and only I understood why (3-4 would have been the proper answer)


4 thoughts on “Churros con chocolate

  1. Hey Princess! Glad to see that all is well, except for the snoring 🙂 I hope you’re not going to wither away to nothing (don’t like this vegetarian nonsense) – you’ve got to eat! How’s your Spanish? Have fun in Ronda. Be safe! Love you lots, Mom xxx

  2. Sounds awesome Steph! Happy to hear you have landed safe and sound, made friends with flight attendants and are indulging in delicious sounding local treats! YUM Enjoy the bus ride!

  3. yo there Steph glad you had a nice plane ride. Have Yves feed you something else but grass. Enjoy your bus ride to Ronda LUV Marraine

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