When it rains, it pours!

Buenos Noches!

The past few days have been dedicated to exploring. Dad and I have been to Ronda and Cordoba. We went to Ronda, a small city in the mountains by bus (a little over 2hrs30 mins). It is so high up in the mountains that the roads were crazy windy, which provided us with amazing sceneries, but also intense motion sickness for moi. For some odd reason I have started to experience this little condition in the last few years and holy moly did I come close to being sick that day (I went straight to the pharmacy when we returned to Malaga to purchase some Gravol for the future excursions). Although Ronda became kind of boring after about 5 hours, the Puento Nuevo (“new bridge”) was AMAZING!!!! The farmlands and houses on top of the cliffs were also insane. It did rain for most of the day which was slightly annoying, but never got crazy.

We went to Cordoba the next day. A city much bigger than Ronda, Cordoba had lots to offer and I really enjoyed it. The architecture was beautiful and there was tons to see. Downside? Unexpected rain storm (weather network said less than 1mm). We were forced to buy an umbrella and got quite depressed after 1hr of intense rain…but the sun came out and it ended up being a beautiful day! Our favorite part was hands down the gardens at the Alcazar (some old fort). Had some amazing paella for lunch, and was almost forced into a hand reading session by a gypsy (gypsies are known to stroll around the main sights and ask for money). Also treated myself to “Ferrero Rocher” gelato…my idea of heaven. Dad did manage to leave his iPhone at a store and only figured it out 1hr before our train was scheduled to return to Malaga (the man is addicted to finding WiFi areas to “keep up with his friends.” We rushed back downtown and did manage to find it….I told him I never wanted to see the phone out ever again!!!!

Decided to stay in Malaga today since we were feeling pretty tired. On the menu: some more rain! We left while it was still nice out and made our way to the train\bus station to reserve our trips to Granada and Sevilla. Had lunch there and since there are tons of stores in the station I decided to treat myself to some retail therapy. We had lunch at some really fun Wok (Asian) place where you put all you want in your stir fry on a plate and bring it up to this guy that throws it in the wok, you tell him what sauce you want and 1 minute later you have a yummy fresh meal (I was mucho excited about all the veggies I could choose from). When we were done we stepped outside and were greeted by a downpour. Lasted for quite a while and completely soaked my shoes. We decided to go to the Picasso museum to dry up, that man’s art is crazy different and quite enjoyable.

Off to Granada tomorrow then spending the day at the beach in Malaga on Monday before we head out to Sevilla for a few days on Tuesday.




4 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours!

  1. Hope you have alot of sun to your trip to the beach and glad you had fun in the retail stores. Hide Yves friggin phone. You seem to enjoy the food. Beautiful pictures. LUV Debbie

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