La pluie a Paris

Went to admire the Eiffel Tower last night. Left at around 8 and chose to walk since its only 15-20mins away and right along the river. Our goal was too see it illuminated when the sun went down. Took forever for the sun to set, and when it finally did….RAIN! I had brought an umbrella in preparation (I always look at the weather forecast) and told dad to bring his rain jacket (which he did not). We did get to admire the tower but decided to return another night for further viewing when it began pouring. I giggled the entire way home watching dad get drenched in the rain.

Concorde and L’Arche de Triomphe

On our walk to the Eiffel Tower

Woke up to more rain which meant a visit to Les Galleries Lafayette (7 floor department store with mostly designer clothing and a few more affordable brands for people like moi). Quite a cool place actually, and colored dome ceiling is beautiful. Retail therapy was a success, bought a couple things for myself and some gifts for the maman and sister (that’s right, shower me with love when I return ladies!). Had lunch at their self-serve restaurant area which I thoroughly enjoyed since healthy options were available (I had a veggie soup and couscous salad). We later went for coffee and tea further down the road and I couldn’t resist ordering a nutella crepe, since I had been wanting a crepe for 3 days.

Once we finished shopping we went to the ‘detax’ area where you give your receipts, show your passport and they give you a form so you can send it in to get the money you spent on taxes back, youppi!

Ventured off the Champs D’Élysées for supper and ended up at a Japanese place. Had some delightful sushi and miso soup and even got dad to try a piece of my salmon maki (he had ordered beef and dumplings). He didn’t love the nori but didn’t say ti was terrible which is a good first try! Walked to the Arche de Triomphe afterwards to see it illuminated (beautiful) then decided to call it a night. We had bought “macarons” today while we were out shopping and I tried a chocolate praline one tonight, soooooo good. Good thing I was sick last week, needed to make room for all the sugar Paris is “making” me eat.

We are visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral and the surrounding attractions tomorrow on the islands (conveniently where the famous Berthillon ice cream store is located).

SB xox


3 thoughts on “La pluie a Paris

  1. Bring me a macaroon! Blaine will be so pumped you’re going to notre dame, I think it might have been his favorite thing on the trip! Sounds like you guys are having fun, I like the sounds of Yves choice of food much more than yours though. Only a week left, enjoy the moment!!

  2. Enough with the rain already – Go away! Enjoy your last week as reality is just down the road:) Have fun. Love you, Mom xxx

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