Student. Graduate. Worker bee.

Although my last post was not even a month ago, it is unbelievable how much has happened. For one, I FINALLY graduated. Yep, I can now add a few letters after my name. Grad day (make that grad week) was sooo much fun. Having most of my family here, and celebrating it with my 2 best friends made it quite a special affair. It was so nice to achieve this milestone together and to be able to be so proud of one another. I feel absolutely blessed to have developed such a great friendship with Suz and Andy over the course of 6 years and this moment can be added to the list of our crazy conversations when we are old and senile.



Although graduation is crazy exciting and I honestly would have almost died if I had to go to school for one more year, part of me was also scared. My main concern (apart from walking across the stage in heels) were the inevitable changes that come once you are no longer a student. Goodbye not worrying about health/dental benefits (yep, you eventually have to be taken off your parents plan!) and hello paying for my own groceries and everything else I want need.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about finding a job. Not only did I secure a job before I left for Europe, I managed to get a job I enjoy and don’t dread going to everyday. Having speed skated for 16 years, being able to work in my “second home”, the Olympic Oval, is motivating and inspiring. I get to be part of a team that strives to make dreams come true. Can it get any better?

Thank you to everyone who helped make my big day a special one. Present or not, I was definitely feeling the love!