Oh Summer

Sun. Heat. Cold drinks. Swimming.

I LOVE SUMMER!!! I especially love it when it means taking a 4-day weekend and hiding out at the boy’s cabin. I have my best sleeps there, and I get to just lay out in the sun all day and do whatever my little heart pleases. This weekend, that meant beach volleyball, water skiing, paddle boarding and catching a few rays. It also meant a lot of family time since J.Hill’s family all own cabins about 3 seconds from each other.

Hard life, right?

I especially loved that I FINALLY got to go waterskiing for the very first time in my life. Yep, how I have never attempted this sport before also boggles my mind. For some odd reason I was majorly nervous, like about to race a 1500m nervous. Jackson kept telling me I would do fine but all I could think of was “you better be able to get up on those skis, you don’t want to look like a loser (I had just watched J.Hill’s dad and sister rock out on the water)”. After a few try’s and some hilarious falls, I finally managed to get up and get in a couple of tiny loops. How was my form? TERRIBLE. Did I love every second of it? Absolutely.

Almost there….

Yep, best form ever!

After an intense match of beach volleyball (maybe my new favorite activity), and some a ride on the Sea Doo to go visit the pelicans, I also tried paddle boarding. People swear paddle board is the best workout ever. Personally, I just found it very relaxing (until a giant spider made its way up my leg).

Hope everyone is enjoying their last few weeks of summer!

Steph xox