My Favorite Weekly Outing

Long lineups, annoying people and spending money are a few reasons why most people dislike grocery shopping. I look forward to this weekly adventure. For some odd reason, grocery shopping completely relaxes me; the meal planning and flyer reading makes me so excited. I prefer grocery shopping alone since I get to roam the aisles as slowly as I want to, and really look at everything thats offered. 

The return of fall has made grocery shopping even more enjoyable lately. Seasonal favorites have made a comeback and have inspired me to try a whole slew of new recipes. 


These days, everything seems to be pumpkin flavored. This week I even created a recipe for some awesome GF banana-pumpkin muffins. Holy Moly were those fabulous. Since I’m not sick of it yet, I decided to buy an actual organic sugar pumpkin today so I could make some homemade pumpkin puree. The goal is to create something that will also incorporate the fresh cranberries that were $0.99/bag instead of $2.99! And to celebrate the return of squash season, a cute little spaghetti squash was also purchased ($0.69/pound at Superstore…I was very excited about this deal). 



These B.C sweet peppers also made it home with me. I’m thinking they will be used to make some type of mexican rice/bean dish. 

I’m not sure if its my 80 year old soul or my love of food that makes me look forward to my grocery adventures, but if you’re planning on impressing me, just take me to a grocery store. I promise I will love you for life…especially if the following are purchased.


SB xox


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