Farewell Workout ADD

Since I retired from speed skating it’s been a challenge to find workouts that motivate me to push a little harder. I make it a priority to work out at least 3 times a week, but I often have to force myself to lace up my sneakers. The high I get from a long run, hard intervals or a strength circuit is amazing, but I have zilch creativity, so it tends to be the same exercises and same scenery every week = boring. And then I tried a spin class…

My bestie, Suzy, has been going to Peloton Cycling for a few months now and always has awesome things to say about the spin studio. I’ve wanted to try a spin class for a couple years but I don’t consider myself to be awesome cyclist so I never went for it. Suz asked me to go with her this morning, and since she has been present for 99% of my most embarrassing life moments, I figured I wouldn’t have to worry about her making too much fun of me. End Result? AMAZING!!! The instructor, Martine (who is also the owner), was so motivating and the studio is such a cool place. The workout was fierce: 75 minutes of non-stop spinning. My average heart rate was 178 and I probably could have filled a few buckets with sweat. Best part? There is no way you can get bored what with the high-energy music (every song means a new challenge: sprints, hills, intervals) and the video screens showing actual roads from around the world.


Peloton Cycling Studio

I will definitely be visiting Peloton Cycling again. I’ve already got a date picked..December 9th. I encourage anyone in Calgary to also visit the studio that Sunday, since the “Spin for Suz” fundraiser will be happening. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards helping Suzy out with her training costs this year. So you not only get an amazing workout and have a great time, you also get to help my best friend reach her dream of being an Olympic athlete. If you’re interested, follow along with @PelotonYYC and @SuzHami for #SpinForSpeed event details. I may have heard that there will be goody bags….


Spin for Suz Fundraiser

Have a good week,