Bienvenidos a Sevilla

Buenos Dias

After spending our last day in Malaga at the beach (11am swimming in the ocean=not so smart. Frigid waters!), we are now in Sevilla. I saw three Starbucks coffee shops yesterday which means the city much bigger. After our arrival we went for a quick lunch and ran some errands. I love going to the grocery store here and seeing what they have. For example, crustless bread and barely any cereal choices (I think it has to do with the fact that TONS of people eat out for breakfast and bread is considered necessary at every meal). In fact, most Spaniards have their toast with olive oil and salt, or with olive oil and a tomato spread.

Gave up trying to swim after I made it halfway in. Looked for seashells instead.

We walked for quite a while yesterday and visited some huge park that brought us to the Plaza de Espana: GORGEOUS!!!! This great big semi-circular building with a beautiful fountain in the middle and cute little painted bridges. It was one of those places that you can just look at for forever and still be amazed. After spending quite a bit of time there we continued walking towards the city centre. We found the gigantic cathedral (biggest one in Spain, I think) but left the exploring of that until today. Had a cute dinner at one of the restaurants downtown. On the menu: grilled salmon and salad, YUM!

Came home around 8 since we were so tired and I think I may be battling a little cold (hello sore throat). Our apartment in Seville is so cute, super colorful and spacious (yay a for having my own room!), and we have our own washing machine. It’s also downtown which makes exploring much easier. Temperature went up to 31 degrees yesterday and is expected to rise to 34 today. You can tell we aren’t by the ocean anymore, humidity is intense and no little breeze to cool you down. Apparently a lot of shops close in August here because it gets so hot ie. 45 degrees!


Fountain of Plaza de Espana

Pretty bridge

Hope everyone is well!


p.s. It is SO hard not to have pastries and gelato everyday..there are pastry shops and ice cream shops on every street!


6 thoughts on “Bienvenidos a Sevilla

  1. wow beautful pîctures and you look absolutely gorgeous you went from the rain to the sunshine seems you are having a blast have a nice day and have a couple of pastries

  2. Looking good, looking good (scenery and you of course!). Go for it Steph, indulge in the pastries and gelato, it’s good for the soul 🙂 Mom xxx

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